Parker Block - Lintels & Precast

At Parker Block, we stock the most popular sizes and lengths of concrete lintels manufactured in Millsboro, DE by Parker Block. Lintels can be fabricated to custom lengths and strengths depending on the specifications of your project.

Masonry Lintels

Lintel Certification

4x8 Lintel Load Table

6x8 Lintel Load Table

8x8 Lintel Load Table

For more information on lintels by Parker Block contact us at (302) 934-9237.


Introducing Herc-U-Lintel - Open Bond Beam lintels. Easy to Lay...Strong as Hercules.

NCMA Report

8x8 Lintel Load Table

Herc-U-Lintel Test Reports

For more information on Herc-U-Lintel, contact Parker Block at (302) 934-9237.

Custom Concrete Lintels

Parker Block will produce wet and dry cast lintels per specification. No matter how complicated, contact us with an engineered drawing of your lintel needs and we will get back to you with pricing and lead time. Contact Rex Timmons by phone at 302-934-9237 or by email at

Wet & Dry Cast Products

Parker Block manufactures concrete parking bumpers and splash block. In addition, we will dry cast or wet cast any custom product that your project may require such as solar panel ballast block. Email with any custom request.